Business Strategy & Digital Transformation

About the program

This Executive program aims to provide participants with the opportunity to better understand and develop skills to become true leaders and drivers of the strategic digital transformation of their organisations. Participants will study and learn how to develop a successful business strategy in an increasingly interconnected and competitive global economy, how to better understand the key technologies and to identify und exploit future trends, how to get a better understanding of data and of their use in creating a smart organisation, how to adapt their organisation, culture and leadership style to the new digital world. All these will give the participants a tool box that will be first put to work in a final capstone project.

Who is this program for?

Our Executive program is addressing the development needs of the professionals and managers from all industries and has a special focus on those who truly desire to become drivers of the digital transformation of their organisations.

If you are a professional or a manager interested in taking the next step in your career, uncovering the potential of digitalization, engaging in new collaborations, developing business networks offering opportunities focusing on the potential of the digital transformation get in touch with us and Sign up Now! 

What is it all about?

We have created a community and an environment where you can grow, help others grow and meet like-minded professionals. By joining, you will get access to know-how and top business expertise, you will meet professors, professionals and managers with diverse background, actively engaged in the local and international business environment and you will boost your business network and perspectives. You will embark in a journey of transformation and you will become the driver of change in your organisation. Upon graduation we will grant you an Executive Certificate in Business Strategy and Digital Transformation covering 7 ECTS.

Our proposal in a nutshell – Top expertise and know how, business international network, diverse culture and backgrounds and graduation certificates from the top academic Business School in Romania.


Module Date Location

Business Strategy and InnovationNovember 2022 - Bucharest
Technologies and trends for driving the Digital TransformationNovember/December2022 - Bucharest
Organization, Culture and LeadershipJanuary 2023 - Bucharest
Business Intelligence and AnalyticsFebruary 2023 - Bucharest
Capstone Project - Your path to digital transformationMarch 2023 - Bucharest

Key Topics per module

Business Strategy and Innovation

Business Strategy and Innovation

Business strategy & Innovation is about creating unique value for consumers by delivering a great product that satisfies their needs.
In order to move forward and build a compelling strategy, we need to better understand the bigger picture and the systems that shape how organizations work, perform and move towards profitability. Why some established companies do not respond to internal and external transformation pressures by embracing new technologies and business opportunities has puzzled innovation researchers for some time. One common explanation is that industry incumbents can become locked in to, for example, their existing resources, assets and capabilities. In an interdependent world, fostering an integrated ecosystem is critically important for companies interested in maximizing the odds of innovation success. In this way, by better understanding business strategy, organisation can move towards innovation and create value.By participating in this course, you will be able to:

– Analyze the business context and current forces that shape growth
– Understand key ideas about innovation and product strategy
– Strategize for value capture in a business model
– Understand current and future strategy by connecting the trends and patterns for performance
– Critically examine the roles of various players in a business ecosystem
– Assess and understand metrics and KPIs that shape performance and value creation

Costin Ciora                     Daniel Zgura

Technologies and trends for driving the Digital Transformation

Technologies and trends for driving the Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology in all areas of a business, fundamentally changing the way you operate and deliver value to your customers. It is also a cultural change that requires organizations to gather knowledge for this technological journey.

The module focuses to an introduction on trends in tehnologies, Cloud computing, data analyticd, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, IoT/M2M, 5G, Omichannel, Mobile & Weareables, BlockChain, Cybersecurity, digital framework, digital strategy, process transformation.

We offer you a practical, step-by-step approach to implementing technology in your business. Beyond a general upgrade, technological transformation can bring a number of other benefits to businesses and enterprises.



      Daniel Zgura                Razvan Barbulescu

Organization, Culture and Leadership

Organization, Culture and Leadership

Organization, Culture and Leadership is a module around people, focused on building teams and creating the conditions to sustain a solid organizational culture. The module is based on fundamental concepts, models and theoretical foundations of leadership and organizational behavior. It will help you understand corporate culture and develop the soft skills needed to better connect with others and to have a more significant influence in attaining organizational goals. You will better understand how you can create a framework where people can find their motivation and inspiration, while understanding the relationship between culture and performance. In addition, this module will help you improve your emotional intelligence, have a better approach to conflicts and bring more value to your team.


Cătălina Radu               Irina Arsene  

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics is an introductory module mixing analytics with business intelligence concepts focusing on dasboards and storytelling in order to help you harvest the full power of data. The module focuses on descriptive statistics, charts, data presentation, and briefly touches on concepts related to regression, and inferential statistics, helping you discover predictive analytics. The module will help you develop skills in working with data, will help you understand the potential of data in an organisation and their transformational power. The module will start with concepts grounded in science and will build on them and present real business cases. It will help you understand data, extract insights and tell the story in order to facilitate real life business decisions.


Natalia Draghiceanu    Vasile Alecsandru Strat

Capstone Project - Your path to digital transformation

Capstone Project – Your path to digital transformation

The final step into your digital transformation journey is comprised of a capstone project. You will work within a team to define a digital transformation strategy for a fictious company within a certain industry.  Working on this project will allow you to consolidate the knowledge acquired throughout the program through a hands-on, practical approach. Your strategy should revolve around the following key pillars:

1.The business scope and value proposition of the enterprise
2.The R&D and innovation strategy
3.The operations & value chain strategy
4.The customer journey
5.Competing in the digital economy
6.Designing an agile an innovative organization
7.Managing the digital transformation

This concluding activity highlights practical proven frameworks and makes use of exercises that can be applied to organizations since day one.


     Catalina Chinie          Sorin Anagnoste

Enrolment Process

In order to apply to our Executive postgraduate program, you must hold a bachelor degree and a minimum of 3 years of Professional experience. You need to be fluent in English and having managerial experience is a plus!


  1. Application form
  2. Copy of the Bachelor’s Degree + English translation of the Bachelor Degree (if not granted by a Romanian university).
  3. Copy of the transcript of the Bachelor Diploma + English translation of the Transcript (if not granted by a Romanian university).
  4. Copy of the birth certificate + English translation of the certificate (if not granted by a Romania).
  5. Copy of the marriage certificate (if applicable) + English translation of the certificate (if not granted by a Romania).
  6. Copy of the identity document
  7. CV
  8. Letter of motivation
  9. Medical certificate stating that you are clinically healthy
  10. Registration fee, proof of payment 200 RON (40 Euro)

Tuition fee

The total tuition fee of the program is 1400 Euro (7000 RON) and is payable in the account of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE). The tuition fee is payable in RON in only after you receive the acceptation letter from the representatives of the Bucharest Business School (BBS).

Bank account ASE

Beneficiary: ASE

Fiscal code: 4433775

IBAN Account: RO35 TREZ 7012 0F33 0500 XXXX

Trezoreria Statului Sector 1 – Bucuresti / State Treasury, County 1, Bucharest

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